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Tuesday, September 17

PG-13  Action Adventure
The family of mutants must face their most devastating enemy yet -- one of their own.  Sophie Turner , Jennifer Lawrence , James McAvoy

 Coming Soon
Tuesday, September 24

PG-13  Documentary Musical
A look at the life and work of opera legend Luciano Pavarotti.  Not provided by studio.

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 What's Worth Watching

Just Released: Sep 17
Moviegoer Opinions:
Based on a theater exit polling of 96 moviegoers: 
CHILDREN: The kids all loved it.
TEENS: Great Reviews from both the males and females. Nearly all loved "Dark Phoenix."
TWENTYSOMETHINGS: Two males loved it and two felt it was a "good/average" movie (enjoyable but nothing special or memorable). One female loved "Dark Phoenix," two enjoyed it very much and one felt it was a "good/average" movie.
ADULTS: Close to half the males loved "Dark Phoenix.," with another 30% enjoying it very much. Unfortunately, another 25%, or so, only rated it "good/average" (enjoyable but nothing special or memorable). As for the females, just over 40% loved it with only 15% rating it "very good," which indicates a movie they enjoyed very much. The remaining 45% felt it was only a "good/average" movie, which is a bit low but certainly not a bad review.

Cinema Review Prediction: (before opinions)
Reactions will be middling to fairly good for this more downbeat superhero film. Males and females will enjoy about equally. Older adults will be the least enthusiastic.

Average critic rating:
Above Average (Berardinelli, Internet Critic)
Below Average (Roger Ebert)
Average (USA Today)
Above Average (NY Post)


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