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The production was based at historic Pinewood Studios in Buckinghamshire just outside London. Pinewood has become synonymous with the James Bond films over the years – all but two, LICENSE TO KILL and GOLDENEYE, have been filmed there. The production used the world famous 007 stage and five other sound stages to build the interiors of over 14 different sets over the six month shoot. The ‘Back Lot' was also utilized to build the exterior of Perla De Las Dunas, the hotel General Medrano chooses for the money exchange with Greene and the Bolivian Colonel Of Police. The interior of the hotel was built on the 007 stage and fitted with over 50 explosives to film Bond's violent confrontation with Greene.

Bruneval Barracks, Montgomary Lines in Aldershot doubled for snowy Moscow where Bond tracks down Yusef, the Algerian who betrayed Vesper, and hands him over to MI6. The Barracks were re-opened by Field Marshall Montgomery in 1965 but date back to 1850. Bruneval Barracks was the first permanent training base for the army in England and Aldershot quickly became the biggest centre for the British army earning its name ‘The Home Of The British Army.'

Airside at TAG Farnborough Airport was the location used for the shady meeting between the CIA and Dominic Greene at the Airfield in Bregenz, Austria. Inside the terminal building, Bond's credit card is rejected as M cuts him off and puts him on the "capture or kill” list at MI6. 

Bodyflight, the UK's first and world's largest skydiving wind tunnel in Bedford was used by the visual effects department to film James Bond and Camille during their freefall from the DC3 plane in Bolivia. The facility was first built by the MOD to research aircraft control and then for testing ejector seats before it was de-militarised and abandoned in 1997. Bodyflight director, Paul Mayer, saw the potential of the site after experiencing a skydiving wind tunnel whilst on holiday and spent three years researching the tunnel and gathering funds before opening the centre in 2005. The tunnel is 16.47 feet in diameter (4.95m) and 26 feet tall and simulates the experience you get freefalling at 170 mph without ever having to jump out of a plane!

Daniel Craig and Olga Kurylenko trained with Gary Powell and his stunt team at Bodyflight for several weeks before filming for one day at the site. 

Virgin Atlantic Airlines again teamed with Bond having made their first appearance in CASINO ROYALE. Mathis joins Bond at the Upper Class lounge bar and orders his famous Vesper Martini. The Lounge was actually a mock up built at Virgin's ‘The Base'.

Opened in 2007 by the airline owner and entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson, The Base is Virgin Atlantic's newest state of the art training facility where they train their cabin crew in cabin safety, customer service and on-board service. It is the most technically advanced training facility of this kind in Europe, costing 13 million pounds to build, and is large enough to accommodate 4,500 cabin crew at any one time.

The Reform Club in Pall Mall, London, was the location used as the government building where the foreign secretary reprimands M for Bond's wild behaviour and instructs her to take Bond off Mr Greene's trail. 

The Club will forever be associated with Jules Verne's Around the World in Eighty Days, as the place where the idea for his incredible journey was conceived and the famous bet was made. Founded in 1836, and designed by Charles Barry, membership to The Reform Club was restricted to those who pledged their support for the Great Reform Act of 1832. Today, The Reform Club is no longer associated with any particular political party, and is now used purely for social functions.


The locations in Panama City doubled for the streets and buildings set in Bolivia.

The crew began filming in Pan


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