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My previous film, The Childhood of a Leader, was set in Europe in the early part of the 20th century. It examined key events that would go on, often inadvertently, to define the era. It featured a young protagonist who was witness to the atrocities of an epoch, only to become a cause of them for the next. The film was inspired by the revisionist histories of Robert Musil and WG Sebald - labyrinthine constructs that imagine fictional characters as eyewitnesses of crucial historical turning-points, or real-life personages placed in altered historical settings. For me, these stories demonstrate a more transparent contract with the reader than the traditional historical biography because one is able to access the past without questioning the author about how they could provide such a detailed account of an event without having been present for the event themselves. Or if they had been present, in the case of a memoir, has their memory of past experiences not betrayed them?

Vox Lux is the continuation of that theme but on the other side of the century: an historical melodrama set in America between 1999 and 2017. Its protagonist is a pop star called Celeste and it chronicles key events and cultural patterns that have so far defined the early 21st century via her gaze.


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