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Introduction to the Story
While this film is the fourth collaboration between director Peter Berg and leading man, Mark Wahlberg, it marks the first time they've partnered to tackle a wholly original narrative - one that is neither a sequel, nor an adaptation of an existing work. Instead of a CGI spectacle, they bring us an intense, smart, and gritty modern action-thriller, which redefines the genre of modern combat cinema. It's a breathless and often brutal action movie about a small group of Americans navigating a 22-mile gauntlet through a foreign city as they struggle to elude the forces of a foreign power, which are closing in on them. As they race against both time and geography to complete their mission, they must survive bombs, firefights, and brutal hand-to-hand combat, sustaining tremendous losses and turning the city into a battleground.

The film opens in a suburban neighborhood on the American east coast, as Silva and his highly trained team of operatives - Alice Kerr (LAUREN COHAN), Sam Snow (RONDA ROUSEY), and William "Dougie" Douglas III (CARLO ALBAN) - execute an Overwatch mission: infiltrate a Russian safe house to break up their operation, capture and identify their operatives, and seize their intel. When the off-the-books raid encounters an unexpected complication, their mission orders change from "capture" to "kill", Silva is forced to intervene and subsequently kills one of the Russian operatives, a 20-year-old man whose death has profound and unforeseen repercussions. The team completes their mission, having lost one member, and escapes without being detected and leaving no evidence or trace that they were ever there - which is exactly what they are trained to do.

Two years after the Russian safe house job, Silva and his team are stationed overseas at the U.S. Embassy in the politically volatile host country Indocarr in Southeast Asia, where they are trying to track down a cache of missing radioactive powder discs that could be used to make dirty bombs. Silva meets his team members, Sam and Douglas, offsite in a safe cafe to obtain a progress report on the search for the missing explosives. When it turns out their leads failed to yield the desired results, Silva is understandably angry and refocuses the team as they continue to hunt for clues and information that will help them recover the explosives.

Back at the U.S. embassy, the intelligence group is briefed and admonished for not having found reliable intel to recover the missing explosive materials, and as they sit in a conference room with a list of terrorist attacks written on the white board, they are reminded of the urgency of the matter and what's at stake, as commanding officer Johnny Porter (TERRY KINNEY) explains, "If you don't find the Cesium before it's too late, you will be held responsible for the single largest intelligence fumble since a flight instruction school in Florida failed to grasp the significance of a 19-year-old terrorist saying he didn't need to learn how to land."

Li Noor (IKO UWAIS), a Special Forces officer for Indocarr - and a trusted intelligence source for the Americans - arrives at the embassy with a gift: an encrypted hard drive containing the locations of the stolen radioactive material, as well as the names involved in its theft. Noor knows the value of this actionable intelligence and demands to be put on a plane and transported to a safe location, at which time he will provide the passkey to unlock the drive and its information. While Noor is taken to the infirmary for identification and examination, the U.S. Ambassador receives a visit from the Deputy Foreign Minister and his security associate Axel, during which they request that Noor be handed over to them. Meanwhile, covert agents posing as doctors infiltrate the embassy, attacking Noor in an attempt to eliminate him. An explosive fight ensues in the infirmary, leaving Noor alive and the assassination attempt foiled, thanks to his deadly Special Forces combat training.

The Americans agree to Noor's terms and entrust Silva's team to oversee the exfiltration operation. The mission seems straightforward - escort Noor from the U.S. Embassy to a waiting transport plane 22 miles away. However, given that there has just been an assassination attempt on Embassy grounds, which qualifies as an act of war, and with the realization that there are hostile forces from Indocarr that are ready to mobilize to prevent Noor and his intel from getting out of the country, the decision is made to designate this an Overwatch operation. This requires that all team members must officially resign from the U.S. government and are no longer acting as U.S. citizens. This allows them to go off-grid and become a deniable force; they are not bound by established rules of engagement. Technically they do not exist, so the United States will disavow any knowledge of them or their activities.

In statesmanship, the first option is diplomacy. The second option is military. When those prove futile, the third option is activated: Overwatch, a covert special mission unit that can gather on short notice to solve individual problems outside the CIA's normal rules of engagement. In addition to Silva's ground team, Overwatch includes a tactical team led by its commanding officer and operational shot caller, Bishop (JOHN MALKOVICH), and his five-person team, known only by similar chess piece monikers: Rook, King, Queen, Knight, and Pawn. Operating remotely from a mobile command center, this brilliant team of surveillance experts uses drones of various sizes and other advanced technology to guide Silva's team through the city to their extraction point.

As Silva's team and their fugitive passenger set out from the U.S. Embassy on the 22-mile journey, they come under a series of attacks at multiple points along the way, as Axel (SAM MEDINA), the right-hand man to Indocarr's deputy foreign minister, leads a group of assassins furiously trying to prevent them from carrying out their mission. As the body count rises with losses on both sides, the Overwatch surveillance team guides them through the gauntlet of lethal obstacles. Unbeknownst to Overwatch, they are not the only ones monitoring the events as they unfold; a mysterious high-tech Russian spy plane in unknown airspace carries a team of code breakers and a high-ranking Russian official (NATASHA GOUBSKAYA)- and is watching and listening to every aspect of the operation.

Starting at a busy intersection in the center of the city, Silva and his team attempt to transport their "package" through a high-speed chase through busy city streets as they attempt to evade Axel's team of motorcycle-riding assassins. When one of the assassins takes out one of the Ground Branch's vehicles with explosive charges, the city becomes a battleground, as a massive firefight ensues and Silva and his team flee on foot to a "safe house" in the form of a busy cafe, where they hope to procure alternative transportation. After another attack by Indocarr , the team is guided to a sprawling apartment complex, leading them into a lethal game of cat and mouse, as they fight to escape and continue the journey.

With heavy losses on both sides, relentless assassins closing in, and both Overwatch and a Russian spy plane monitoring their every move, Silva and his team of heroes risk everything, continuing on the final leg of their 22-mile journey as the timer counts down and the action builds to a thrilling and unexpected crescendo.

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