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Set in the volatile arenas of intelligence and global politics, director Peter Berg ushers in a new wave of modern combat cinema in MILE 22, which follows an elite paramilitary team who embark on an urgent mission to transport a foreign intelligence asset from an American Embassy in Southeast Asia to an airfield for extraction - a distance of 22 miles. This asset possesses highly classified information, which could avert terrorist attacks of catastrophic proportions, and this team must race against time and through a gauntlet in enemy territory, as the city's military, police, and street gangs close in, determined to reclaim the asset.

While the Ground Branch team risks life and limb in Southeast Asia, they are aided from thousands of miles away by a tactical command group known as Overwatch, led by a man known only as Bishop, played by two-time Academy Award nominee JOHN MALKOVICH. Overwatch is a high-tech team who wield keystrokes, hacking skills, and intercepted information as easily as any physical weapon. They offer real-time communication with and monitoring of the Ground Branch agents involved in the operation, as well as troubleshooting and navigation to help keep them alive, in motion and on mission, as the action unfolds and the city quickly becomes a battleground.

Mile 22 explores the complicated dynamic between MARK WAHLBERG (the Transformers film franchise, Lone Survivor, Deepwater Horizon) and LAUREN COHAN (television's The Walking Dead, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice), as veteran members of the CIA's most highly prized and most closely-guarded secret operatives. They've worked together for years, which allows them to have an insight into each other, as well as the ability to keep each other mission-focused, despite external distractions.

Wahlberg portrays James "Jimmy" Silva, the brilliant senior officer and leader of this small but lethal group. He is methodical, decisive, and hyper-focused. When it comes to work, the only thing that matters is the mission. He spends his life solving puzzles, putting pieces together, trying to see the big picture; at work, it's pieces of highly sensitive intelligence, while his "relaxation" at home is solving difficult jigsaw puzzles. His brain is like a shark, always moving, always working, and seemingly incapable of slowing down; he is incapable of separating himself from his work. He feels a tremendous amount of responsibility to protect his country and his team, who know him to be direct, gruff, unpredictable, sarcastic, and all business.

Cohan is Alice Kerr, an equally capable operative and Silva's lieutenant who, unlike Silva, must contend with the distractions from the outside world - specifically, being a divorced mother and navigating the difficult process of coparenting with her combative ex-husband (played by director Peter Berg in a brief cameo). She wrestles with the guilt of having to lie to her family and not being able to be there for milestones in her daughter's life, leaving the new stepmom figure to fulfill the mommy role while Alice is protecting the very world this fractured family lives in. Though she is a dedicated mother, Alice is also a linguist, a gifted intelligence officer, and is Silva's equal. In addition to having a unique bond with Silva, she possesses the skill, intellect, and a focused anger that keep her engaged and alive.

The other members of Silva's elite operators include Samantha "Sam" Snow, played by RONDA ROUSEY (Furious 7, The Expendables 3) and William Douglas III, played by CARLO ALBAN (21 Grams, Whip It).

In his breakout film role, IKO UWAIS portrays Li Noor, an officer of the local Special Forces - and a trusted intelligence source for the Americans - who holds the key to extremely sensitive information that could prevent a terrorist attack on the U.S. Noor offers the vital information in exchange for immediate extraction to a refuge in the United States, at which time he'll turn over the intel. Silva's team is tasked with safely transporting Noor to a waiting military transport plane at an airstrip - which is 22 miles away. As Noor, Uwais gets to display his character's special training, and display the intense and explosive fighting style that first attracted worldwide attention in The Raid films. He becomes both target and treasure, as Silva's team races to deliver him to the extraction point so he can unlock the critical information.

The events of the film are very much a reflection of the chaotic and volatile new political reality we find ourselves in, both at home and abroad, complete with myriad threats to our democracy that exist on any given day. In assessing and responding to these threats, the first option is diplomacy. The second option is military. When those options fail, Overwatch is the third option. Covert intelligence informs and launches an Overwatch operation, and once it is launched, the team members resign and are no longer acting as U.S. citizens. They are not bound by established rules of engagement; their mission is everything, and its successful outcome is their only objective, regardless of the losses sustained. America is safe because of these special ops soldiers, who sacrifice their personal lives and relationships in allegiance to the mission of protecting us from attacks. These nameless men and women are a real-life team of Avengers, relying on instinct, bravery, and combat skill instead of superpowers.

Directed by PETER BERG, the film marks the fourth collaboration between Berg and Wahlberg, a pairing that has resulted in the films Patriots Day, Deepwater Horizon, and Oscar-nominated Lone Survivor. The screenplay is by LEA CARPENTER, based on a story by GRAHAM ROLAND and Carpenter. Joining Berg's creative team as director of photography are JACQUES JOUFFRET (Truth or Dare, The Purge film series), production designer ANDREW MENZIES (Bright, Fury), and editors COLBY PARKER, JR. (Patriots Day, Deepwater Horizon, Ant-Man), and MELISSA LAWSON CHEUNG (Patriots Day, Battleship), and costume designer VIRGINIA JOHNSON (Patriots Day, the upcoming The New Mutants), with music by JEFF RUSSO (The Night Of, Snowfall).

Executive Producing are STUART M. BESSER (The Commuter, Molly's Game), JOHN LOGAN PIERSON (Patriots Day), and GRAHAM ROLAND (Amazon's upcoming Jack Ryan). Producing are PETER BERG for Film 44, MARK WAHLBERG for Closest to the Hole, and Stephen Levinson for Leverage Entertainment. Jonathan Gray, Matthew Rhodes, Judd Payne, Randall Emmett, Derek Collison, Sam Slater, Scott Carmen, David Bernon, Donald Tang, Wang Zhongjun, Wang Zhonglei, Felice Bee, Robert Simonds and Adam Fogelson also serve as Executive Producers. MILE 22 is an STX Films and Huayi Brothers Pictures presentation in association with The Hideaway Entertainment.

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