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About the Music
With the musical foundation established by Curtis Mayfield's iconic soundtrack, Silver and X knew there were only a handful of music producers who could create the musical soundtrack to match the heightened level of excitement and anticipation they were intent on creating for the film.

X had a definitive vision and person in mind. "What made the Super Fly soundtrack something special was that Curtis Mayfield had a singular vision for the music. That's what I wanted for our Superfly: I wanted to hand the music to someone who would have a vision that would understand the world, could make a commentary on it. When you start talking about these requirements, really there's only one person, and that's Future. It couldn't be anyone else."

Future, the Atlanta-based producer, songwriter and recording artist would be tasked with curating the soundtrack as well as producing the film alongside Silver.

Fellow Atlantan Zaytoven, a music producer known for his work with such artists as Future, Gucci Mane, and Usher, would also re-team with Future.

Performing on 10 of the soundtrack's 13 songs, Future teams with some of the world's biggest names in trap music, including 21 Savage, Young Thug, Lil Wayne, Gunna, and PARTYNEXTDOOR. In addition, there are original tracks from Sleepy Brown, Miguel, and Khalid x H.E.R.

Zaytoven explains the roots of trap music and why it's such a perfect fit for Superfly: "The sound of Superfly is Atlanta - Atlanta is the biggest spot for culture for the hip-hop community. You couldn't do this movie anywhere else but Atlanta."

And the sound of Atlanta right now is trap music. Zaytoven continues, "Trap music is more of a feeling, I'm a musician and a producer, so I make a lot of hard trap music, and trap beats. But on top of that, I layer it with soul, feeling and some heartfelt melodies and chords. It's hard and edgy, but it's funky at the same time. It's just got a certain swag to it. There's just a funky feel to the music that really is similar to what Curtis Mayfield was doing at the time."

"Trap music is in the attitude," Zaytoven continues. "It's about creating an atmosphere. Even when the song is about success, you know it can all go wrong. That's perfect for this movie and what these characters are going through."

Even as filming began, Jackson, a rising R&B artist, was eager to see what the soundtrack would be knowing Future was spearheading it. "Who's more current than Future?" he says. "He makes multiple bangers every year. He's the perfect balance and perfect guy to head up the music."

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