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Meet the Dogs and Their Friends
MAX - Voiced by Chris "Ludacris" Bridges
NYPD K9 Unit Rottweiler, Max is the alpha male who undergoes unthinkable pampering on his mission to rescue baby panda, Ling-Li
DAISY - Voiced by Jordin Sparks
A gorgeous, perfumed and puffed Australian Shepherd who falls for Max's charms
PHILIPPE - Voiced by Stanley Tucci
An aging Papillon, once known as 'Philippe De Fabulous' for being a three-time world champion Show Dog. Philippe agrees to come out of retirement to help Max on his mission to enter and win the Canini Invitational
KARMA - Voiced by Shaquille O'Neal
A big dreadlocked Komondor with a chilled out Buddhist attitude
SPRINKLES - Voiced by Gabriel "Fluffy" Iglesias
An excitable Pug Dog - full name is 'Buncha Rainbow Sprinkles Junior The Third'
DANTE - Voiced by Alan Cummings
Dante is a multi-award winning show dog Yorkshire Terrier. He is super cute and rather arrogant!
PERSEPHONE - Voiced by RuPaul
Persphone is the world's freakiest looking dog with bucket loads of attitude
PIGEONS 1, 2 AND 3 - Voiced by Anders Holm, Kate Micucci and Blake Anderson
The Pigeons are Max's eyes and ears in the sky with some witty one liners as well!

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