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A Multi-Faceted Experience
"America's going to love the Marston's," says writer/director Angela Robinson. "I really think the actors brought incredible joy and chemistry and heart to the story. We engage with these unique people and learn a great deal about them." Apart from the historical aspects, says Rebecca Hall, the film is very entertaining. "It's going to make you really laugh and cry. It has a richness of feeling that I think people crave when they go out to the movies."

Additionally, says Bella Heathcote, the film is relatable to contemporary audiences. "It's a story about people trying to figure out who they are and what their place is, and who can't relate to that? It's also a beautiful love story and you watch these people grow and change over time. You see them struggle with their relationships and careers and their sense of self and emerge better at the end of it. I think audiences will be very satisfied with that journey."

If nothing else, says producer Terry Leonard, he hopes audiences come away from Professor Marston inspired by the main characters' creativity and "how people and their creative ideas should never be put down by anyone. Marston created something special, which resonates to this very day. So, I'm hoping that people are inspired by that and by the truth of the story."

As for the Wonder Woman origin aspects of the film, "I think people are going to see Wonder Woman in a completely different light after they've seen this movie," says producer Amy Redford. "They're going to be amazed at how this iconic character emerged from real life. And even if they have no particular attachment to Wonder Woman, they all have a family, a history, and a knowledge of the battles that women faced in the past, and even today. There are so many different ways to experience this movie."

For Luke Evans, the movie tells the origin story with depth and resonance. "It's the perfect moment to tell the story of how Wonder Woman came to be. You see, there's a reason that Wonder Woman has withstood the test of time. She represents female strength and the power women can have. She's different from Superman or Batman. She possesses attributes and energies and techniques that men fail at, miserably so. She doesn't use her super powers to defeat. She uses them to make people tell the truth."

In conclusion, Robinson believes that Professor Marston & The Wonder Women has something of importance to impart to audiences. "It's a powerful message about the nature of love and acceptance and having the courage to be who you are. Wonder Woman's mission is to stop violence, to stop war and to stand for peace. That's what I took away from the experience and I hope that's what everyone takes away."


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