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Rewind to the mid 80's when a young Amy Schumer watched her parents' VHS tapes of "Private Benjamin," "Overboard," "Wildcats" and every episode of "Laugh-In" she could get her hands on. "Goldie Hawn has been my hero. I've loved her my whole life," says Schumer.

For SNATCHED, Schumer had only one person in mind to play her mother: Goldie Hawn. "She's made me laugh probably more than anyone, and I only ever saw her in this movie." Schumer had a serendipitous encounter with Hawn when the two actors wound up on the same cross-country flight. "It was destiny," Schumer exclaims. "I stopped her in the airport and said, 'I really want to make this movie with you. This is happening.'" At that time, Hawn was not familiar with Schumer and kindly responded "OK, honey. Thank you so much."

When the two met again at a party a couple years later, Hawn took the offer more seriously. "I saw TRAINWRECK, and that's when, to me, a star was born. I thought, 'OK, this is someone who can do it all.'"

When the official offer for SNATCHED came along, Hawn considered the role in the larger context of her life's work. "Everything that I've ever done in my life has to bring joy," Hawn says. "I thought, 'Hmmm. I wonder if there's more joy to bring, more things for me to do.'"

SNATCHED marks Hawn's return to the silver screen after a fourteen-year hiatus. "I never missed it. I really didn't," Hawn says. "I'd spent many, many years in front of a camera and producing. I really loved it. But I got to a time in my life when I think, just philosophically, 'what else am I going to do?'" Never content to remain idle, Hawn turned her focus to her charity, The Hawn Foundation, and developed a school program used by nearly a million students around the world.


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