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Production Notes
It all started almost ten years ago: That is when Boris Ausserer watched Der Attentater, Rainer Erler's docudrama about Georg Elser from the year 1969. "I thought that film was very impressive, and being half French, was very surprised that Elser is so little known," the producer remembers. "In France, a man like that would probably not be swept under the carpet, but celebrated accordingly - and every fountain named after him!" Ausserer recognised the subject matter for a great motion picture in Elser's story, and in 2008 he suggested the topic to the pair of authors, Leonie-Claire and Fred Breinersdorfer.

He found ready listeners: "The resistance against the Nazi dictatorship has always interested me", explains Fred Breinersdorfer. "For my parents, unfortunately, were avid National Socialists to the end of their lives. That is why someone like Georg Elser is so fascinating to me: What did this simple craftsman from the countryside see and realise, that my parents didn't, or more precisely, perhaps did not want to see?" His co-author, daughter Leonie-Claire, adds: "It is even less comprehensible to my generation, how the Nazis could run amok politically in this way. Why did the Germans look the other way and joined the marching? Georg Elser shows us that each person willing to do his own thinking can develop a stance and act accordingly."


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