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From the phenomenally popular interactive Tomb Raider game, springs a new kind of action hero: Lara Croft.

Traveling, taking prize-winning photographs, mastering foreign languages and visiting archaeo logical sites are perfectly apropos for a rich and pampered heiress ... and very good camouflage for Lara Croft's real passions: raiding tombs, bad guys and throwing herself into one extreme adventure after another. Lara's current mission takes her to worlds of mystery and magic: the ancient Tomb of the Dancing Light in Cambodia, and then to Siberia's Temple of Ten Thousand Shadows.

Tomb Raider was already a phenomenon when Paramount Pictures first considered the idea of making it into a feature film. Lara Croft was a megastar of cyberspace: a fantasy figure to every teenage boy and an icon to every teenage girl.

Enter producers Lawrence Gordon and Lloyd Levin who developed the project. For Gordon and Levin, there was really only one contender for the role of Lara Croft: Oscar® winning actress Angelina Jolie.

"The challenge for us was to take a video game, turn it into a movie and find the perfect actor for the role of Lara. I can't imagine the film even being possible without Angelina," says Levin. "I think that she is probably the best actress of her generation. She represents a lot of qualities you would hope to capture in the character of Lara: intelligence, fearlessness, playfulness and a wicked sense of humor."

The producers were likewise confident in director Simon West's ability to create a totally new film experience without losing sight of the besting phenomenally popular and complex game that inspired it. "Simon believed we should embrace aspects of the game — it is very contemporary and modern — but flesh out the character of Lara Croft in many ways," says Levin.

It was Angelina Jolie first, last and always with West, who says that without her, he would not have done the picture. "It was obvious to me that Angelina Jolie was the only actress who could play Lara Croft,"' said West.

"Angelina's performances to date have all consistently shown brains, guts and wit," continues West. "Those are exactly the attributes Lara needed. Lara is more than an action cartoon cut-out. Her character has depth and complexity. Plus, Angelina is so beautiful and physically right for the role that I knew she would satisfy the demands of the game's fans and their preconceived ideas of what Lara looks like. It was an opinion shared by the producers and by Lidos. We were all ecstatic when Angelina accepted the challenge.

"Lara is strong and extremely attractive, appealing to men and boys," continues West, "but because she's tough, forthright and knows her own mind, she is also an icon to women and girls. She is a perfect role model, totally inspirational."

Says Angelina Jolie, "Lara Croft is a great role model. This has been the hardest job of my life. It has really tested me."

"It has been both fun and hard work to jump into her world and her skin a bit," continues Jolie. "Lara is very, very much a girl. She's extremely tough, but she's also a bit naughty, which I love. She's really good at what she does. It's not that she's as good as a guy; it's that even if she were competing with a guy, she might win — not because she's a girl, but because she's a better fighter. She's full of fun and fire. She doesn't apologize for herself, ever. She isn't angry. She's playful. She is certainly enjoying everything about this. And I think that's different for a hero."

Jolie also describes her character's emotional journey and points out that it encompasses a discovery of her past. "It's a thought I think we all have, a wish for some message about where we should be in life something empowering us to do something," she says. "Her father<

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