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Overwhelmed by all your Movie News choices? We Can Help!
We've listed below, the best places we've found for movie related news.
To further help you, we have provided a brief description of the type of movie
news each site offers, and on some, a quick review of the site's usefulness.
Email ME if you find any bad links! I try to test all these links at least quarterly.

But first, we've provided a daily updated movie business news feed:



Ain't-It-Cool-News: Certainly a different type of industry news reporting.

Associated Press Entertainment NewsA continuously updated feed of entertainment news.

Billboard Magazine Online: News on movie soundtracks.

CNN Entertainment News: Lots of headlines and more.

Corona - Coming Attractions News (from script to in the can): Movie information provided mainly by ordinary people. It's news you're unlikely to find at the main news outlets. How useful and accurate it is, I can't say.

Dark Horizons: Latest films news, rumors and scoops. Supplied mainly by ordinary folks. How useful and accurate it is, I can't say.

Digital Media FX: Movie news of a visual effects nature.

E! Online: News, Gossip and Celebrities.

Entertainment Tonight: News and celebrity headlines.

Entertainment Weekly: Contains news and celebrity headlines not found in the magazine.

Film Score Monthly: The Online Magazine of Motion Picture and Television
Music Appreciation.

Film ThreatIndependent film news.

Golden Globe: News regarding the Golden Globe Awards.

Hollywood Online News: Headline news stories.

The Hollywood Reporter: A combination of star, actor and industry news.

Internet Movie Database - News: They use Studio Briefing's news service.

LA Times Entertainment News: Not very in-depth. May find some useful info.

Mr. Showbiz - Entertainment News: A great place for celebrity headline news. 

New York Daily News - Movies: Not very in-depth. May find some useful info.

New York Post - Entertainment: Not very in-depth. May find some useful info.

New York Times - Arts: Not very in-depth. May find some useful info.

People Magazine: Mainly news about stars. Guide: Streaming audio and video movie information.

Showbiz Wire News (Collected from many major news sources.) 
Film   Celebrity   Industry  Video

Star Wars News: Enough said.

Sundance Channel: News regarding the Sundance Film Festival.

TABLOIDS: (Mainly celebrity gossip.)
The Star     National Enquirer

Turner Classic Movies - News

TV Guide News: News and celebrity headlines.

USA Today - Movies: Decent information, mainly from

Variety Magazine: Primarily movie industry news.

Women's Wire - Movies    Celebrity News and Interviews

Yahoo Movie News - Entertainment Headlines:  Probably the fastest way to read the top entertainment headlines.  This Yahoo page also has links to entertainment headlines from Reuters, E! Online, Associated Press and Variety.

Zentertainment:  Basically a links page to other sources of movie news and more.



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