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At Theaters: 10/11/2019 On Video: 1/28/2020
Rated: R Length: 2 hr. 12 min.
Internet: None Found Movie ID: 601468
Studio: ???
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Storyline Heading
Jobless, penniless, and, above all, hopeless, the unmotivated patriarch, Ki-taek, and his equally unambitious family--his supportive wife, Chung-sook; his cynical twentysomething daughter, Ki-jung, and his college-age son, Ki-woo--occupy themselves by working for peanuts in their squalid basement-level apartment. Then, by sheer luck, a lucrative business proposition will pave the way for an insidiously subtle scheme, as Ki-woo summons up the courage to pose as an English tutor for the teenage daughter of the affluent Park family. Now, the stage seems set for an unceasing winner-take-all class war. How does one get rid of a parasite?
Movie Type (Genre) Heading
Comedy Drama Thriller - This is a Korean language dark comedy/drama/thriller aimed at adult moviegoers, with wide entertainment appeal beyond those who usually watch foreign language fare. Language, sexual content, and some bloody violence make the film not for kids.
Cast and Crew Heading
Song Kang-Ho THIRST
Sun-kyun Lee A HARD DAY
Woo-sik Choio OKJA, SET ME FREE
Director: Joon-ho Bong SNOWPIERCER
Production Notes Heading
Not provided by studio.
Content Heading
PROFANITY: 25 F-words; 2 S-words; a number of others.
SEX/NUDITY: Brief sex without nudity.
VIOLENCE: Bloody hits and stabbings and fights.
DRUGS/ALCOHOL: Some alcohol.
ACTION: Brief fighting.
COMEDY: Darkly comic lines, sight gags, situations.

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Critic's Review Heading

Roger Ebert Full Review
Excellent ...unquestionably one of the best films of the year. The second half of "Parasite” is one of the most daring things I've seen in years narratively. The film constantly threatens to come apart—to take one convoluted turn too many in ways that sink the project—but Bong holds it all together, and the result is breathtaking.

USA Today Full Review
Very Good One of the most well-rounded movies you'll see this year, the South Korean film-fest favorite also balances black comedy, biting social satire, human drama and thriller twistiness for a refreshing effort that's familiar enough in its themes to be extraordinarily inviting.

Rolling Stone Full Review
Excellent The South Korean filmmaker outdoes himself with this cutting, caustic tale of class warfare between the haves and the have-nots. The movie dissects the universal gap between the haves and the have-nots with shocking wit, stinging topicality and gut-wrenching violence. It's explosive filmmaking on every level.

Slant Magazine Full Review
Good Parasite also reinstates the emotional core that's been missing from Bong's recent work, and even feigns a concise narrative structure. It's the kind of bold and uncompromising work that confirms why Bong is one of our most exciting auteurs...

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