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At Theaters: 12/14/2018 On Video: 3/19/2019
Rated: PG Length: 1 hr. 57 min.
Internet: None Found Movie ID: 601298
Studio: Sony Pictures Inc.
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Storyline Heading
Miles Morales tries to fit in at a new private school in Manhattan. However, adjusting to the new school proves to be tough on Miles who would rather spend time with his friends from the neighborhood or visit his uncle Aaron.
Movie Type (Genre) Heading
Animated Action Adventure - This is an animated superhero action/adventure/science fiction fantasy following many different incarnations of Spider-Man, centering on Miles Morales. Most parents will find this to be safe viewing for kids though some action scenes may be too intense for the youngest children.
Cast and Crew Heading
Nicholas Cage (Voice of Spider-man Noir)
Hailee Steinfeld (Voice of Gwen / Stacy)
Jake Johnson (Voice of Peter B. Parker)
Shameik Moore (Voice of Miles Morales)
Director: Bob Persichetti Directing Debut
Director: Peter Ramsey RISE OF THE GUARDIANS
Director: Rodney Rothman Directing Debut
Production Notes Heading
Production Information
Fun Facts
Content Heading
PROFANITY: 1 miscellaneous profanity.
VIOLENCE: Fights and gunplay without blood.
DRUGS/ALCOHOL: Brief alcohol.
ACTION: Fights, chases, explosions.
COMEDY: Banter, wisecracks, physical gags.

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Critic's Review Heading

Berardinelli, Internet Critic Full Review
Very Good Into the Spider-Verse is a fresh and breezy way to steer the superhero genre and a testimony to the main character's appeal and versatility. ...a strange and wonderful way of merging together all the various Spider-Man iterations while moving forward with a new character and storyline and offering the character a return to his animated/comic book roots.

Roger Ebert Full Review
Very Good I wanted to revisit the film for days after the screening we'd attended, myself—not only because it's such a pure blast of creative joy, but also because there's so much going on that a viewer couldn't possibly catch it all the first time around.

Rex Reed Full Review
Very Good ...the film brings its audience to a thrillingly colorful and utterly relevant world of its own at a time when the primary purpose of other superhero movies seems to be to tease future installments and fill corporate coffers.

Slant Magazine Full Review
Good So many superhero movies get bogged down in longueurs of exposition and somber reflection, but this one is purely kinetic. Into the Spider-Verse is a film that vibrates with youthful anxiety and energy, even when its narrative slows down.

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