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DAVID MITCHELL grew up in Oxford. He was miserable at a Dickensian primary school but happy at Cambridge, where he was president of Footlights and met his comedy partner Robert Webb. Together they have starred in the BAFTA - winning series THAT MITCHELL AND WEBB LOOK and PEEP SHOW. Mitchell has been a team captain on BBC One's ever popular WOULD I LIE TO YOU for ten series, he presented Channel 4's 10 O' CLOCK LIVE, hosts THE UNBELIVABLE TRUTH and has appeared on pretty much every British TV or radio panel show. In 2016, Mitchell began his role as William Shakespeare in Ben Elton's six-part comedy series UPSTART CROW for The BBC which subsequently ran for a further 2 series and specials. He will reprise his role as The Bard to make his West End debut in UPSTART CROW, which will run at The Gielgud Theatre from February.

Following the critical success of his memoir BACK STORY, his latest book, DISHONESTY IS THE SECOND BEST POLICY: AND OTHER RULES TO LIVE BY, has just been released.

Mitchell will be returning to Channel 4 next year for series 2 of the comedy BACK.

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