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Born in Tokyo in 1947 and entered show business in 1972 as Beat Takeshi, the stage name he continues to use today as a performer, apart from the name he uses as a film director - TAKESHI KITANO ("Aramaki"). As part of the comic duo Two Beat, Kitano was one of the leading figures in the manzai (stand-up comedy) boom in the late 1970s. With his distinctive art of speech and his idiosyncratic perspective, Kitano became one of the most popular entertainers in the country during the 1980s.

As an actor, Kitano won international acclaim for his role in Nagisa Oshima's MERRY CHRISTMAS, MR.LAWRENCE (83). He collaborated again with Oshima in 1999's samurai epic TABOO (Gohatto). He can be seen in the best-selling novel adaptation, Yoichi Sai's BLOOD AND BONES (04) and in Kinji Fukasaku's controversial 2001 Japanese box-office smash BATTLE ROYALE, and subsequently in its sequel, Kenta and Kinji Fukasaku's BATTLE ROYAL II (03). His acting filmography also includes Robert Longo's JOHNNY MNEMONIC (US, 95) and Jean-Pierre Limosin's TOKYO EYES (France, 98).Kitano launched his directorial career with VIOLENT COP (89), where he also stars as an actor. He continuously made directorial films in the following years; BOILING POINT (90), A SCENE AT THE SEA (91), SONATINE(93), GETTING ANY? (95) and KIDS RETURN (96). He gained acclaim as a filmmaker with HANA-BI, the winner of the Golden Lion Award (Best Film) in 1997's Venice International Film Festival, which garnered him numerous domestic and international awards. He followed it up with his first film in Cannes International Film Festival competition, KIKUJIRO (99), an internationally co-produced action film, BROTHER (01) and Dolls (02). His first period piece, ZATOICHI (03) won him the Silver Lion Award (Best Director), again at Venice International Film Festival. His next three films were a self-reflective trilogy in which he projected his own artistic persona; TAKESHIS' (05), GLORY TO THE FILMMAKER! (07) and ACHILLES AND THE TORTOISE (08). After the release of TAKESHIS', Kitano was presented with the Special Culture Award of the 10th Galileo 2000 Awards in Italy. In 2007, Kitano directed a short film, ONE FINE DAY for Cannes International Film Festival's 60th anniversary project "Chacun son cinema." In the same year, Kitano became the first recipient of the newly created "Glory to the Filmmaker!" Award from Venice International Film Festival, which was established in honor of his thirteenth film title, GLORY TO THE FILMMAKER! He received the Lifetime Achievement Award at Moscow International Film Festival (08), and the Honorary Golden Alexander Award at International Thessaloniki Film Festival (08). With OUTRAGE (10) and its sequel, OUTRAGE BEYOND (12), two films of the Japanese underworld, became box office successes. His latest and 17th feature, RYUZO AND HIS SEVEN HENCHMEN (15) was a major commercial success with over 1,300,000 admissions topped only by ZATOICHI. In 2010, he was awarded Commander of the Order of Arts and Letters of France. Simultaneously, the Fondation Cartier in Paris held a one-man exhibition, "Gosse de peintre (the Painter's Kid)," displaying his paintings and installations under the name of Beat Takeshi Kitano as a multi-faceted persona. The entire exhibition in format had been relocated to Tokyo's venue two years after the Paris's exhibition and gained the widespread and enthusiastic support not only from the gallery goers but general public as well. In 2015, he received Honorary Chamberlain from the Ordre des Conteaux de Champagne as the first personality out of France to accept this distinction. In 2016, the French government awarded him the Officier of the Legion of Honor for his extraordinary achievements in arts.

Kitano is currently active in acting, appearing in weekly variety programs on television and writing essays; he also conducts semi-annual comedy gigs in Tokyo, which tickets immediately sellout.

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