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Bio For: Laurence Fishburne
(The Latest Available Bio)

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Movies For: Laurence Fishburne
Only includes movies we've covered on
in which this person played a significant role in the movie.

23 Movies: Pg 1 of 1 Show:
WHERE'D YOU GO, BERNADETTE (PG-13) On Video: 11/26/2019 At Theaters: 8/16/2019
LAST FLAG FLYING (R) On Video: 1/30/2018 At Theaters: 11/3/2017
PASSENGERS (PG-13) On Video: 3/14/2017 At Theaters: 12/21/2016
THE SIGNAL (PG-13) On Video: 9/23/2014 At Theaters: 6/27/2014
RIDE ALONG (PG-13) On Video: 4/15/2014 At Theaters: 1/17/2014
MAN OF STEEL (PG-13) On Video: 11/12/2013 At Theaters: 6/14/2013
CONTAGION (PG-13) On Video: 1/3/2012 At Theaters: 9/9/2011
PREDATORS (R) On Video: 10/19/2010 At Theaters: 7/9/2010
ARMORED (PG-13) On Video: 3/16/2010 At Theaters: 12/4/2009
21 (PG-13) On Video: 7/22/2008 At Theaters: 3/28/2008
FANTASTIC FOUR: RISE OF THE SILVER SURFER (PG) On Video: 10/2/2007 At Theaters: 6/15/2007
TMNT (PG) On Video: 8/7/2007 At Theaters: 3/23/2007
BOBBY (R) On Video: 4/10/2007 At Theaters: 11/23/2006
AKEELAH AND THE BEE (PG) On Video: 8/29/2006 At Theaters: 4/28/2006
ASSAULT ON PRECINCT 13 (R) On Video: 5/10/2005 At Theaters: 1/19/2005
MYSTIC RIVER (R) On Video: 6/8/2004 At Theaters: 10/10/2003
THE MATRIX: REVOLUTIONS (R) On Video: 4/6/2004 At Theaters: 11/5/2003
THE MATRIX RELOADED (R) On Video: 10/14/2003 At Theaters: 5/15/2003
BIKER BOYZ (PG-13) On Video: 6/10/2003 At Theaters: 1/31/2003
OSMOSIS JONES (PG) On Video: 11/13/2001 At Theaters: 8/10/2001
THE MATRIX (R) On Video: 9/21/1999 At Theaters: 3/31/1999
HOODLUM (R) On Video: 1/6/1998 At Theaters: 8/27/1997
EVENT HORIZON (R) At Theaters: 8/15/1997
23 Movies: Pg 1 of 1 Show:


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