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Bio For: Steve Carell
(The Latest Available Bio)

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Movies For: Steve Carell
Only includes movies we've covered on
in which this person played a significant role in the movie.

28 Movies: Pg 1 of 1 Show:
WELCOME TO MARWEN (PG-13) On Video: 4/9/2019 At Theaters: 12/21/2018
VICE (R) On Video: 4/2/2019 At Theaters: 12/25/2018
LAST FLAG FLYING (R) On Video: 1/30/2018 At Theaters: 11/3/2017
BATTLE OF THE SEXES (PG-13) On Video: 1/2/2018 At Theaters: 9/22/2017
DESPICABLE ME 3 (PG) On Video: 12/5/2017 At Theaters: 6/30/2017
CAFE SOCIETY (PG-13) On Video: 10/18/2016 At Theaters: 9/2/2016
THE BIG SHORT (R) On Video: 3/15/2016 At Theaters: 12/23/2015
FREEHELD (PG-13) On Video: 2/2/2016 At Theaters: 10/2/2015
FOXCATCHER (R) On Video: 3/3/2015 At Theaters: 11/14/2014
On Video: 2/10/2015 At Theaters: 10/10/2014
ANCHORMAN 2: THE LEGEND CONTINUES (PG-13) On Video: 4/1/2014 At Theaters: 12/18/2013
DESPICABLE ME 2 (PG) On Video: 12/10/2013 At Theaters: 7/3/2013
THE WAY, WAY BACK (PG-13) On Video: 10/22/2013 At Theaters: 7/5/2013
THE INCREDIBLE BURT WONDERSTONE (PG-13) On Video: 6/25/2013 At Theaters: 3/15/2013
HOPE SPRINGS (PG-13) On Video: 12/4/2012 At Theaters: 8/10/2012
SEEKING A FRIEND FOR THE END OF THE WORLD (R) On Video: 10/23/2012 At Theaters: 6/22/2012
CRAZY STUPID LOVE (PG-13) On Video: 11/1/2011 At Theaters: 7/29/2011
DINNER FOR SCHMUCKS (PG-13) On Video: 1/4/2011 At Theaters: 7/30/2010
DESPICABLE ME (PG) On Video: 12/14/2010 At Theaters: 7/9/2010
DATE NIGHT (PG-13) On Video: 8/10/2010 At Theaters: 4/9/2010
DR. SEUSS' HORTON HEARS A WHO! (G) On Video: 12/9/2008 At Theaters: 3/14/2008
GET SMART (PG-13) On Video: 11/4/2008 At Theaters: 6/20/2008
DAN IN REAL LIFE (PG-13) On Video: 3/11/2008 At Theaters: 10/26/2007
EVAN ALMIGHTY (PG) On Video: 10/9/2007 At Theaters: 6/22/2007
LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE (R) On Video: 12/19/2006 At Theaters: 7/26/2006
OVER THE HEDGE (G) On Video: 10/17/2006 At Theaters: 5/19/2006
THE 40-YEAR-OLD VIRGIN (R) On Video: 12/13/2005 At Theaters: 8/19/2005
ANCHORMAN (PG-13) On Video: 12/28/2004 At Theaters: 7/9/2004
28 Movies: Pg 1 of 1 Show:


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