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NISHA GANATRA (Director) has made her mark as a director in both television and film. As the producing director for the first season of the acclaimed Amazon drama "Transparent," she won a Golden Globe and was also nominated for an Emmy. On FX's "Better Things," she served as the producing director for the series' first season.

Her acclaimed debut feature Chutney Popcorn won audience and Best Feature awards at the Berlin International Film Festival, Newport Film Festival, Outfest, San Francisco Gay and Lesbian Film Festival and many more. Her next feature, Cosmopolitan, starred Carol Kane and premiered at South by Southwest. Since then Ganatra has directed numerous episodes of television for series such as "Girls," "Dear White People," "Mr. Robot," "Shameless," "Brooklyn Nine-Nine," "Last Man on Earth," "Love" and now "Black Monday." Ganatra serves on the board of Women in Film.


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