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Born in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, and moving to Los Angeles at the age of 9, MARCEL RUIZ (John Smith) has taken his hobby of acting and turned it into a full-fledged career as a star in Netflix's reboot of One Day at a Time. Marcel's character Alex Alvarez mirrors his own laid-back and funny personality, but takes the second season to another level tackling topics like racism, popularity and bullying.

Though Marcel began his career acting in commercials and currently studies at a Performing Arts School, he knows the other side of the industry well from growing up on set at his parents' own production company. With Award-Winning directors for parents and a notable television host and comedian for a grandfather, Marcel has always known he was made for entertainment, and takes improv and acting classes in his spare time.

A creative talent, Marcel enjoys filming and editing content for his YouTube channel, writing music, photography and fashion, and excels in athletics including basketball and soccer. His determined and philanthropic spirit has recently driven him to give back to his home island after Hurricane Maria through Voices of Puerto Rico.


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