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TOM VOLF (Director/Writer/Producer) is a photographer and filmmaker. His work as a film director includes short films for opera and theatre, as well as institutional documentaries for television broadcast and international communication. He has often collaborated with publishing houses to promote book releases, and with several shows for which he directed broadcasts and EPKs. Volf also has extensive experience directing fashion commercials.

As a photographer, Volf specializes in vintage film photography, using classic cameras by Rolleiflex and Hasselblad. His fashion photographs have appeared in numerous magazines, and he has had two exhibitions in Paris presenting his work from Tibet and the North Pole. Born in St. Petersburg, Russia, Volf grew up in France, where he began his filmmaking career working for Theatre du Chatalet in Paris, among others. He moved to New York in 2013, where he started the MARIA BY CALLAS project, which includes a feature film, three books, and exhibitions in Paris and Monte Carlo. The third book, Maria Callas: Letters & Memoires, will be published in November of this year. MARIA BY CALLAS had its world premiere at the Rome Film Festival in late 2017, and has been released in over forty countries.


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