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CHARLES STONE III (Director) graduated in 1988 with a degree in fine arts, specializing in illustration/animation from the Rhode Island School of Design. Post-grad, Stone worked as an animator for a commercial design company, Woo Art International, in New York.

Hungry to express his ideas, Stone quickly moved into directing music videos throughout the 90's, winning awards for the likes of Tribe Called Quest, The Roots, Public Enemy and more. In 1997, Charles wrote and directed a short film, "true," an absurd comedy about the friendship between young men talking on the phone. This was to be his "calling card" into the feature film world of Hollywood. This two minute short would go on to become the Budweiser "Wassup!" commercial campaign and garner practically every prestigious advertising award in the industry, as well as guest appearances on Oprah Winfrey, the Tonight's Show with Jay Leno, and the Today Show to name a few. Mr. Stone's taste-making ability didn't stop at the nation's most popular commercial campaign but instead, continued in his feature film director career with the cult hit "Paid in Full" (Dimension Films,) which got him a "First Time Director" nomination from the Independent Spirit Awards, as well as his sophomore effort for 20th Century Fox's, "Drumline," (2003) starring Zoe Saldana and Nick Canon.

Stone's talent as a storyteller shows no bounds with his narrative hand reaching into the world of television. He has recently directed VH-1's "Crazy Sexy Cool: The TLC story," as well as episodes from NBC's cult hit "Friday Night Lights,"

In 2015 the Sundance film festival premiered Charles "Lila and Eve," starring Viola Davis and Jennifer Lopez. Described as an "Urban Thelma & Louise", it was nominated for best direction in the NAACP Image awards.

Stone's Netflix Original feature "Stepsisters" is #3 of 17 films the content juggernaut brought the table for 2018:Producers Matt Alverez ("Straight our of Compton"), and Lena Waithe ("Dear White People," co-star of "Masters of None") have put Charles in the exclusive club of director's like David Ayer, Maya Forbes, Cary Fukunaga, chosen by Netflix to represent the kind of movies that are cutting edge, commercial and appeal to the biggest audiences ever.

Currently, Charles is in final post for the Lionsgate feature film "Uncle Drew", starring Kyrie Irving, L'il Rey Howery, Tiffany Haddish, Nick Kroll and Schaquille O'neal. Based on the viral sensation of the four short films and character of UNCLE DREW that Kyrie Irving created and directed, (141 million views and counting), the film is already looking to be the most highly anticipated films of the year.


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