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Director/writer/comedian/actor, JAY CHANDRASEKHAR (THORNY/DIRECTED BY/WRITTEN BY) has contributed to and appeared in a wide variety of critically acclaimed films and television programs throughout his career.

At Colgate University, Jay and his classmates formed Charred Goosebeak, a sketch comedy group, which would eventually evolve into, Broken Lizard. Broken Lizard performed at comedy clubs and college campuses across the nation, until the mid-90s, when they set their sights on feature film.

Under his Broken Lizard banner, Chandrasekhar wrote, starred in, and directed the Sundance hit, PUDDLE CRUISER, Fox Searchlight's comedy classics, SUPER TROOPERS and CLUB DREAD, and Warner Brothers' BEERFEST. Chandrasekhar also directed, THE DUKES OF HAZZARD, a big screen adaptation of the 1980's television series. The film became a hit, grossing over $180 million worldwide.

More recently, he directed and starred in Millennium Entertainment's THE BABYMAKERS, alongside Olivia Munn, Paul Schneider, Kevin Heffernan and Nat Faxon. In addition to his feature film work, Chandrasekhar has directed various TV shows, including several episodes of the Emmy Award winning series "Arrested Development," "Up All Night," "Happy Endings," "Community," "Royal Pains," "Blue Mountain State," 'Psych," "Chuck," "Undeclared," "The Human Giant," "The Goldbergs," "New Girl," "The Grinder" and more.

Chandrasekhar tours the country doing stand-up comedy and currently lives in Los Angeles.


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