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DANIELA VEGA is a Chilean actress and singer who has worked in cinema, theater, and music. She has participated in films, video clips, plays and musical collaborations with other national artists. In 2011 she landed a leading actress role in the Gabinete play, LA MUJER MARIPOSA, BIODRAMA DE UNA TRANSFIGURACION (THE BUTTERFLY WOMAN, BIODRAMA OF A TRANSFIGURATION), directed by MartĂ­n de La Parra. She continued this role for four seasons from 2011 to 2014.

In 2014, Vega designed and executed make-up and wardrobe for the play PELIKANEN, LA NECESIDAD NO TIENE LEY (PELIKANEN, NEED KNOWS NO LAW), directed by Fabiolla Olivares and landed a starring role in the Chico Trujillo video clip, CHATITO, directed by German Bobe.

Vega continued to build her career with lead starring roles in MARIA, MIGRANTE (where she also sang). Recently, her vocals have been featured in a video clip of the Chilean band "Artica & Las Magneticas"

Daniela Vega recently received the Best Actress award at the Marseille International Film Festival for her role as Marina in A FANTASTIC WOMAN.


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