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Acclaimed Australian commercial, music video and VFX director MICHAEL GRACEY (Director) makes his feature film debut with The Greatest Showman. As the son of a photographer, Gracey developed his love for shooting and filmmaking at an early age. The visual wunderkind was then plucked from school to become the youngest animator at the award-winning animation, visual effects, and design house, Animal Logic.

In 2002, Gracey directed his first music video, which went on to win the ARIA award and launched his promos career. Since then, he has collaborated with a wide array of influential artists from the Black Eyed Peas and Jennifer Lopez to Elton John and Robbie Williams.

Gracey is also a celebrated commercial helmer, whose advertising work has received top honors from BTAA, Creative Circle and the Midsummer Awards. His cutting-edge T-Mobile "Dance" spot won 3 Lions at Cannes and 2 Clios, including a Gold for Best Direction.

Gracey's groundbreaking vision and ability to create innovative entertainment has made him a sought-after filmmaker. He's next set to direct Lionsgate's NARUTO, the martial-arts actioner based on the bestselling Japanese ninja manga.


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