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DOUG LIMAN (Directed by) is a director-producer with a solid track record creating both commercially successful and critically acclaimed movies. This is his second collaboration with Tom Cruise-the two previously worked together on the sci-fi action thriller Edge of Tomorrow, which also starred Emily Blunt.

Other film credits include Swingers (1996, which starred Vince Vaughn), Go (1999, which starred Katie Holmes and Timothy Olyphant), The Bourne Identity (2002, which starred Matt Damon and Chris Cooper), Mr. & Mrs. Smith (2005, which starred Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie), Jumper (2008, which starred Samuel L. Jackson and Hayden Christensen), Fair Game (2010, which starred Sean Penn and Naomi Watts) and The Wall (2017, which starred Aaron Taylor-Johnson and John Cena).

Liman executive-produced the four Bourne sequels and has also produced several hit television series including The O.C., Covert Affairs and Suits. YouTube Red just announced picking up the Liman-directed and produced series Impulse and Syfy just announced picking up the Liman-produced television movie Nightflyers.

Liman serves on the board of the Legal Action Center and the Arthur Liman Center for Public Interest Law at Yale Law School.


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