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DACRE MONTGOMERY (Jason/Red Ranger) makes his Hollywood acting debut in the film, having won the role while in his final month of a three-year student curriculum at the Western Australia Academy of Performing Arts (which boasts Hugh Jackman as an alumnus).

Montgomery hails from Perth, Australia, and is a second generation professional, the son of an assistant-director mother (a Canadian native) and his Kiwi-born "soundie" (sound mixer) dad. He set his sights on an acting career as a 9-year-old while a student at Bayswater Primary School.

After graduating from the specialist arts course at Mt. Lawley Senior High School, Montgomery spent much of his next year in Canada before applying to WAAPA. Before attending the prestigious academy, he made his professional acting debut as a teenager in the short film "Bertrand the Terrible" (2010) and a local TV pilot, "Family Tree" (2011).

He recently made his big screen debut in the comedy, "A Few Less Men," the sequel to the 2011 Stephan Elliott feature, "A Few Best Men," and followed with a co-starring role opposite Patrick Warburton, Virginia Madsen and Ed Oxenbould in the upcoming thriller, "Safe Neighborhood."


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