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DOUG LIMAN (Director-Producer) In 2000 he produced and directed The Bourne Identity which spawned a five-movie franchise (he stayed on as executive producer for the sequels). Liman secured the rights to the franchise from novelist Robert Ludlum after flying his small airplane into a remote airport in the Teton mountains to court the writer. Liman's filming has taken him on other adventures including Baghdad during the war for the filming of Fair Game, Egypt on the eve of revolution for Jumper, Haiti in the aftermath of the Earthquake for Quincy Jones' We Are the World. His other credits include Swingers, Go, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Jumper, Live Die Repeat (Edge of Tomorrow), and American Made, the Tom Cruise starrer due out in September. He has produced several hit TV series including Suits, The O.C. and Covert Affairs.


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