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ICE CUBE (Strickland / Executive Producer) is an award winning actor, director, producer and music icon, who has established himself as one of entertainment's most accomplished, bankable, relevant and prolific figures, both on and off the screen. After penning the most memorable lyrics on NWA's groundbreaking songs "Straight Outta Compton" and "F**k Tha Police," Ice Cube left the group at the peak of its popularity to pursue one of the most successful careers in music history. As a solo recording artist, he has sold more than 10 million albums while remaining one of rap's most respected and influential artists. Most recently, he was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame with his group NWA.

In 1991, Cube made his acting debut with a lead role in the critically acclaimed and Academy Award-nominated feature "Boyz n the Hood." Since then, he has become one of the most bankable actors in Hollywood with film credits that include "Friday," "Three Kings," and "xXx: State of the Union," as well as the "Barbershop," "Are We There Yet?," "Ride Along" and "21 Jump Street" franchises, to name just a few.

Ice Cube has also had success as an accomplished producer through his company, Cube Vision, with credits including "Friday," which he also co-wrote, and the "Barbershop," "Are We There Yet?" and "Ride Along" franchises. In addition, he wrote and directed "The Players Club," and wrote and produced "The Janky Promoters." As a television producer, Cube Vision took the "Barbershop" and "Are We There Yet?" series to successful network runs and also enjoyed success with the controversial "Black. White."

More recently, Cube helped inspire and also produced the feature "Straight Outta Compton," which was acclaimed by critics and audiences. The film held the #1 spot at the box office three weekends in a row, going on to gross over $200 million dollars on a mere budget of $28 million. In addition, it received numerous awards and accolades, including nominations from the Academy Awards, Critics' Choice Awards, Screen Actors Guild Awards, Producer Guild of America Awards, Writers Guild of America Awards and Golden Globes. It also won Best Picture at the NAACP Image Awards, the True Story Award at the MTV Movie Awards, and many more.

Together, his movies have grossed more than a billion dollars at the box office.

Cube is currently gearing up for the television debut of the Cube Vision-produced "Hip Hop Squares" on VH1 in January 2017. He will also be honored with a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Summer 2017.


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