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PAUL VERHOEVEN is one of the most provocative and controversial storytellers creating film entertainment today. His films reflect uncompromising vision, fascination with life's moral dilemmas and honest depictions of sexuality and violence. Verhoeven was born in Amsterdam during World War II. In 1964 he received a doctorate degree in Mathematics and Physics at the University of Leiden. As an Royal Dutch Navy officer, he made the award winning documentary -"The Marine Corps. Verhoeven then entered Dutch television with "Floris," an adventure series about a medieval Ivanhoe that became a phenomenon. The director segued into feature films with the Oscar-nominated "Turkish Delight" which in 2000 was chosen as the best Dutch film of the century. This was followed by "Cathy Tippel" and the WWII drama "Soldier Of Orange." Verhoeven again grabbed headlines with his film, "Spetters", in 1980. "The Fourth Man" followed, as did "Flesh + Blood," his first American financed film.

After that Verheoeven directed international mega-hit. "RoboCop". A tongue in cheek science fiction saga. In 1990 the director followed "RoboCop" with mind-tampering blockbuster, "Total Recall."

Next came the provocative drama "Basic Instinct," the number one worldwide box-office smash of 1992 and arguably the most talked-about film that year. Controversy followed in 1995 with "Showgirls", Verhoeven's tale of the dark side of Las Vegas. The filmmaker then directed the robust and rousing "Starship Troopers" and the dark "Hollow Man."

Verhoeven returned to European filmmaking in 2006 with "Black Book" - a fast-paced World War II resistance thriller which has been called an "insanely entertaining" film

After attending the Jesus Seminar in Santa Rosa, CA for 20 years, Paul Verhoeven completed his book on Jesus of Nazareth which focuses on the historical Jesus. This book was published in September 2008 by Meulenhoff and immediately sold out its first printing. It is now in its eighth printing and has been translated into eleven languages, including Arabic. It was recently translated into French.

In 2012 Paul and Rob van Scheers published a book reviewing classic movies of the last 100 years which sold out immediately. Paul also directed an internet/TV project - "The Entertainment Experience" - where the public helped write a 50 minute film in 6 minute increments. The finished film was called "Tricked." It won an International Digital Emmy at MIPTV and screened to acclaim at The Rome Film Festival and the Tribeca Film Festival.

This year Paul finished principal photography and is now in post-production on French language film "Elle." The film stars celebrated actress Isabelle Huppert and is an adaption of Philippe Dijan's popular and Prix InteralliE winning novel "Oh."


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