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SOFIA ESPINOSA (Gloria Trevi) is an accomplished performer on stage and screen who landed her first leading role in the 2006 feature film La Nina en la Piedra (The Girl on the Stone), directed by Marisa Sistach. Her performance earned her an Ariel nomination (Mexican Academy Award) in the Best Actress category. Espinosa was reunited with Sistach for 2007's El Brassier de Emma (Emma's Bra).

Espinosa appeared in Ver llover (Watching in Rain), written and directed by Elisa Miller, which won the Palme d'or for Best Short Film at the Cannes International Film Festival. She played the leading role in Miller's feature Vete mas lejos, Alicia (Alicia, Go Yonder), for which she won Best Actress honors at the 2011 Guanajuato Film Festival.

Most recently Espinosa co-starred in the drama Asteroide (Asteroid), directed by Marcelo Tobar, and played the lead in the dramedy Los Banistas (Open Cage), which also marks her debut as a producer and screenwriter (co-writing with director Max Zunino).

Other film credits include Te extrano (I Miss You), a feature directed by Fabian Hofman that screened at the 2010 Berlin International Film Festival; and Mexican-American coproduction The Kid: Chamaco (2009), which co-starred Martin Sheen and Michael Madsen.

On the small screen, Espinosa's credits include the series "Bienvenida Realidad," "Las Aparicio" and HBO Latin America Group's "Capadocia."

Her theater work includes a production of August Strindberg's "El Padre" as well as "Manzanas," a play by Richard Milward that she produced through her own production company. Among Espinosa's other Mexico City stage credits are "Sabor Amargo," directed by Claudia RĂ­os; "Los constructores de imperios o el Schmurtz," directed by Mario Espinosa; and "Apples," directed by Alberto Lomnitz.

Espinosa was born in Mexico City in 1989. Her father is a theater director and her mother an art director. She studied at the National Music Conservatory for four years while attending elementary and high school. Espinosa enrolled at the Argos Casa Azul drama school and studied with coach Clarissa Malheiros. After attending Maru Bravo's top class for several years, she studied under the tutelage of several directors in Buenos Aires. More recently Espinosa has completed workshops at the Stella Adler Studio in New York and the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London.


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