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ROB REINER (Director) has directed some of the most popular and influential motion pictures of the past two decades, deftly moving among many styles. He has created films that win both audience enthusiasm and critical acclaim.

The versatile filmmaker has been immersed in the entertainment business for much of his life, succeeding first as an actor, then as a director and producer. Prior to his directorial debut, Reiner acted in many television and feature productions. It was, however, his Emmy Award-winning work as the son-in-law of Archie Bunker in the hit series All in the Family that made him a household name.

Reiner's credits as a director of feature films include the now-legendary This is Spinal Tap, a parody documentary about a mythical heavy metal group; The Sure Thing, a hate-turned-to-love story of two college students; the sleeper hit Stand By Me, about four boys coming of age in the fifties, for which he received Best Director nominations from the Directors Guild of America and the Hollywood Foreign Press Association; and the much loved fantasy The Princess Bride, adapted for the screen by Academy Award winner William Goldman from his original novel. 

The director's succession of box-office hits include When Harry Met Sally…, Misery, A Few Good Men, The American President and Ghosts of Mississippi. Most recently, he produced and directed The Story of Us, with Michelle Pfeiffer and Bruce Willis, and Alex and Emma, starring Kate Hudson and Luke Wilson.  Reiner is a principal and co-founder of Castle Rock Entertainment. In addition to directing feature films, he is involved in all phases of Castle Rock's creative activities.

In 1997, Reiner and his wife Michele Singer Reiner founded the I Am Your Child Foundation, a national non-profit promoting early childhood development and providing parents with quality educational materials. In 2004, I Am Your Child became Parents' Action for Children, expanding its mission to organize parents into a powerful national movement ensuring that our nation's policies reflect a concern and commitment to early education, health care, and high quality and affordable child care. For materials and information please visit

In 1998, Reiner chaired the successful California Children and Families Initiative, which is now implementing an integrated program of early childhood development services, including health care, preschool, and intervention programs for families at risk. Reiner's latest initiative, the Preschool for All Act, will appear on the June 2006 ballot. If passed, it will provide quality preschool to more than half a million children in California. Reiner is also a committed environmentalist who has championed open space preservation in the Los Angeles region. He supports the National Resources Defense Council (NRDC), a national non-profit organization that works to preserve and protect the public health and to ensure the conservation and wise management of land and natural resources.


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