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HANNS ZISCHLER's (Hans) film career started in 1975 with Wim Wenders' Cannes-nominated Kings of the Road. In the '80s he was known to a wider, European audience by Christian de Chalonge's science fiction drama Malevil, after the best selling novel by Robert Merle.

Liliana Cavani offered him his Italian film debut with Berlin Interior in 1985.

In the following years Zischler had several appearances in German and international films, including work for noted directors Chantal Akerman, Robert van Ackeren and Jean-Luc Godard—with whom he worked on Allemagne Neuf Zéro, a television feature on the politically revealing history of the biased reunion of divided Germany.

In the '90s, director and screenwriter Andrew Birkin invited Zischler for a very peculiar, British overture in the Silver Berlin Bear award-winning The Cement Garden—based on the novel by Ian McEwan. Zischler twice had the pleasure to work with István Szabó (Sunshine, starring Ralph Fiennes, and Taking Sides, with Harvey Keitel). It should not be left unmentioned the experience he shared with Costa-Gavras' cinéma engage (Amen, with Mathieu Kassovitz). With Paradiso, from the German director Rudolf Thome, he and other film actors won the Golden Berlin Bear in 2000.

In between these meandering activities for film and television, Zischler made—in the wind-shade of his cinema career—his way as translator (Jacques Derrida, among others), critic and independent scholar (of literature and early film history). Among the reviews, articles and books he has published are essays about the German-Jewish poet Gertrud Kolmar, Franz Kafka (Kafka Goes to the Movies, Chicago University Press, 2003 about his love for the flicks) and Jorge Luis Borges (and Borges' intricate relation with the movies).

Currently, Zischler is continuing his research on James Joyce and the ambulant cinema, and presides over a far-reaching DVD-based study on the Berlin Museum of Natural History.


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