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PAUL W.S. ANDERSON (Writer / Director / Producer), with producer Jeremy Bolt, formed Impact Pictures in 1992. His first feature was Shopping, starring Jude Law, which he also wrote. That was followed by the video game based motion picture Mortal Kombat that grossed $150 million worldwide. Next came the science fiction horror film Event Horizon, starring Laurence Fishburne and Sam Neill, followed by the science fiction action adventure Soldier, starring Kurt Russell.

Anderson also wrote and directed the television pilot "The Sight," starring Andrew McCarthy, for FX, Fox Television Studios and BSKYB which was broadcast to high ratings in the US and Great Britain and was FX's top-rated original drama. Resident Evil is the first production the Los Angeles and London based Impact Pictures have made under their recent overhead, development and financing deal with Constantin Film. Anderson is currently preparing Death Race 3000, a co-production deal with the Cruise-Wagner production company, to star Tom Cruise.


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