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Our goal is to provide you with truly useful movie information in ways that will allow you to QUICKLY and EASILY find just the right movie for you and your family!

Extensive Content Information
Never again be shocked, disgusted or embarrassed by something you didn't expect to see or hear in the movie you so carefully selected. Stop relying on the MPAA rating system to tell you what your children are mature enough to see and hear. Now Cinema Review provides you with the movie content information you need to make this important decision. We tell you exactly what you will see and hear in each movie. We realize everyone has a different tolerance level for things such as profanity, violence, sex, drugs and alcohol so we let you know what each movie contains, in enough detail so you can decide what's appropriate for you and your family.

CAUTION TO PARENTS! Our content information may sometimes describe scenes that you may not want young children to read. Also, the profanity section lists the actual words of profanity spoken and how often they're spoken. We have attempted to soften the impact of the profanity list by abbreviating the words and by placing the list lower on the profanity page, but it's still easily accessible by anyone using our service.

Accurate Reviews
Through the very generous cooperation of Cinemark, Hollywood and Dickinson theaters we are able to gather the opinions of 100+ moviegoers for most new movies. We collect these opinions for each newly released movie on its opening weekend. We ask moviegoers, attending these new movies, to fill out a short questionnaire telling us what they thought of the movie. Nearly everyone is happy to give their opinion and since they do not receive payment for helping us, we believe their opinions are genuine and accurate. We take these opinions and divide them by gender and then by age so you can see what many others of your gender and of your approximate age thought of a movie. (Who better to tell a male teenager how good a movie is than other male teens?) We believe this is the best way to provide you with truly accurate movie reviews. 

If we do not have the opinions for a movie, it's because that movie did not play in a theater that we have permission to collect opinions from. Our goal is to greatly increase the number of opinions collected and collect them from several cities across the U.S.  This should allow us to collect opinions for virtually every movie released to theaters.

We want to say a special Thank You to Cinemark, Hollywood and Dickinson theaters! Without their kind cooperation we would not be able to gather the moviegoer opinions. So please, if you have a choice go to a Cinemark, Hollywood or Dickinson theater!

Subscribe to Cinema Review, which is free, and you can easily keep track of all your movie related activities.  To help you remember what you want to do about each movie, we offer you the ability to sort individual movie titles into several different private movie lists, such as "See Now," "See Later," "I've Seen," "See on Video" and more. You can also add notes to a movie title to further help you remember what you want to do with each movie. Each time you visit, you can view your private movie lists, move movies to or from any of your private lists or print any lists. 

We provide lots of fun ways to quickly and easily search for just the right movie. There are predefined lists of movies that you can select such as Coming Soon, Just Released, Recent Releases, Movies Suitable for Kids and Families, Movies with Minimal Profanity, Sex and Violence and several more. You can also search by movie title or cast/crew member. 

You can build a custom list of movies that meet your own criteria by making a selection in as many of the following categories as you like and then doing a search. The search categories are: by MPAA rating, by age of movie, how well the critic rated it, how well moviegoers rated it, by movie type (genre) and by content levels for profanity, sex/nudity, violence, drugs/alcohol, action and comedy.

Each week we tell you what new movies are opening and what moviegoers and our critics thought of last weeks movies.  We will recommend movies that received exceptional reviews that we don't want you to overlook. Our goal is to make the movie selection process as easy and fun as possible.

Your Suggestions!
We welcome and encourage ideas, comments and suggestions for how we might make Cinema Review even more responsive to your needs. Email Us




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